Parking Rules

Cars must be parked only on driveways or city streets. Cars may not be parked on lawns, beside houses, or partly on the driveway and partly on the grass. If you park on the street, do not straddle the curb.

If the City Sidewalk runs across your driveway, you need to pull your car all the way forward and completely off of the sidewalk (or you can be fined $50 by the City Police for blocking the sidewalk; you can also be cited for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act).


The Tallahassee Police Department has a No Tolerance Parking Enforcement Policy

If you are parked illegally, you will be ticketed or towed.

To Report Parking Violations, call TPD 891-4200.


Some Fines that can be levied for illegal parking:

Parking in Front of a Mailbox = Federal Offense, Immediate Towing

Parking on a sidewalk, even if it runs across your driveway = $50

Parking in front of a Fire Hydrant = $50

Parking on a grass lawn = $20

Blocking Traffic or Blocking Driveways = Immediate Towing

Parking Between the No Parking Signs = Immediate Towing


If you are blocking the street, a Fire Truck or other Emergency Vehicle can legally shove your car out of the way.


List of City Parking Fines:

Other Fines and Citations can be found in the Florida Statutes.


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2018 Homeowners Dues Notice:

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